Is A Professional Newborn Photoshoot Worth It?


Family photos represent cherished memories. They capture some of the most precious moments in our lives, and document the time we spent with the people we love. They are capable of invoking powerful emotions and leave us with a lasting sense of nostalgia.

Newborn photos are a unique category of family photos. They are a visual reminder of the first few weeks of an infant’s life and stand as a permanent record of a hugely significant milestone in a family’s journey. However, newborn photography in Singapore is not a small expense and some parents may be hesitant to engage the services of a professional photographer. Here are some reasons why it can be well worth the cost.


1. Babies Grow And Change Very Quickly

Yes it’s a cliché, but it is true. Newborn babies grow so rapidly and change so much that after a month, they are virtually unrecognisable. For many parents seeing their baby for the first time is an unforgettable experience. Newborn photos are a great way to capture that fleeting first few weeks of a baby’s life and preserve them forever.

Babies Grow And Change Very Quickly-newborn photoshoot


2. They Can Be Used To Announce The Birth

Giving birth is an event to celebrate and share with those closest to you. Professionally taken newborn photos can be used to announce to everyone the newest addition to your family.

Close family and friends will appreciate you including them in such an important moment and are sure to gush over the adorable pictures of your little one. With social media platforms providing an easy way to share these treasured photos with the world, it’s an extra incentive to opt for a newborn photoshoot. Professional newborn photoshoots also come with high-quality print products for you to preserve the memory of such an important moment, and serve as a visual reminder of the story of their children’s birth.


They Can Be Used To Announce The Birth-Newborn Photoshoot


3. Professional Photographers Have Expertise

With powerful smartphone cameras, many parents might consider having a DIY photoshoot and take the pictures themselves. While this is certainly possible, there are several downsides to consider.

Firstly, the best time to take photos of newborns is between 5-14 days after the birth or anytime under 2 weeks. During this time, the mother needs to rest and recover from the pregnancy. It’s less than ideal to try and do a DIY photoshoot when one parent is recovering and needs support from the other. A professional photographer allows you to focus on yourselves and your new child while they take care of the photoshoot.

Learn More: The Best Time for a Newborn Photography Session.

Professional photographers are also vastly more experienced in taking photos and are likely to take much nicer photos than most DIY attempts. They have cameras which can take much better photos than any smartphone currently on the market. Professionals also arrive with other equipment like lighting and backdrops which make a big difference to the quality of the final product.

Photographers who specialise in taking newborn photoshoots are likely to have undergone training in handling infants and know how to prop them up safely for those cute newborn poses. Their expertise in this area means that they also know how to get the best results and are more than capable of catering to your creative requests.


Professional Photographers Have Expertise-newborn photoshoot


No matter how many years pass and how much your children have grown, the pictures you have of them as infants will always stay the same. That’s the charm of all photographs, but it especially applies to baby photos. Newborn pictures capture the most innocent time in a child’s life and allow you to sit back and reminisce about that special day they were born.

Many parents might of course have plenty of pictures of their newborn children on their smartphones, but how many of those are worthy of hanging on the wall? Professional newborn photography packages not only provide digital copies, but also offer legacy print products which can be used to decorate your coffee tables or kept in family photo albums.

No parent ever wishes for fewer photos of their children. In fact most might feel like they can’t have enough. Newborns look very different just a few weeks after they’re born, and it is important to have a permanent memento of this time. Professional newborn photographers are experts at capturing this once-in-a-lifetime moment in portraiture, allow you to rest and recuperate, and guarantee that you have many gorgeous physical photos of your baby you can enjoy for years to come.

As a professional photographer specialising in newborn and maternity photography, Xiaoyun has received multiple awards for her work. Visit our website to view our newborn gallery and reach out to us via our contact us page for enquiries.


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