Misconceptions About Newborn Photoshoots


Newborn photography has captivated parents, family members, and social media alike for good reason. The pictures exude a very natural innocence and allow photographers to explore the limits of their artistic vision. They represent a pivotal moment in a family’s journey and serve as visual mementos of the birth.

While many parents have jumped on the trend and are eagerly looking forward to newborn photoshoots, misconceptions about the process may have some people hesitating to commit. To help you decide if a newborn baby photoshoot is right for you and your family, we’ve addressed some of the most common misunderstandings below.


1) Any professional photographer can take newborn photos

It takes an inordinate amount of skill to take those adorably cute photos of newborn babies you might have seen on your instagram feed. Newborn photography is unlike other types of portraiture and requires a distinct set of skills. Keeping in mind how small the window for newborn photography is, it is recommended that you choose a photographer who has the requisite experience, a bevy of good reviews, and a gallery of work you can refer to.

Safety is another important concern. It is essential to choose a photographer who has experience working with newborns and knows how to handle them in the proper manner and get them into the right poses without putting them in danger. A good newborn photographer will have specialized equipment and props to create beautiful, timeless images that will be cherished for a lifetime.

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Misconceptions -Newborn photos only involve the babies-newborn baby photoshoot


2) Newborn photos only involve the babies

While the most distinct and striking newborn photos involve only the main subject, newborn photography is actually an opportunity to have a family shoot. Parents and siblings can, and are often encouraged to, join a newborn photoshoot. In fact, including family members in the photos can make them even more meaningful. Some of the most beautiful and emotional newborn photos are those that capture the love and connection between family members.


3) Your baby is too old for a newborn photoshoot

While it’s true that the best results for a newborn baby photoshoot are taken during the first two weeks after birth, your baby is definitely not too old for a celebratory photoshoot. The two week period is recommended as babies are easier to pose during this time and are usually sound asleep, but it is still possible to get beautiful images of older babies!

There are even certain advantages to taking pictures of older children. They may show more personality, emotion, and their features may be more distinct. The downside is that they may be more fussy and could be harder to manage. All said, the two week window is the ideal time period but it is far from a hard and fast rule when it comes to newborn photography.


Misconceptions-Your baby needs to be asleep or awake during the shoot -newborn baby photoshoot


4) Your baby needs to be asleep/awake during the shoot

Sleeping babies are the most familiar feature of newborn photography, but your baby definitely doesn’t have to be fully asleep or fully awake during the process. An experienced newborn photographer will be more than capable of adapting to the situation and taking gorgeous photos of your bundle of joy whether their eyes are open or closed.

The most important thing is to have a photographer who knows how to work with your baby and create a relaxed and comfortable environment for everyone involved. If you have any doubts, talk to your photographer and get them clarified. Communication is key for all parties involved and finding a photographer who values easing your doubts can go a long way in smoothening out any potential wrinkles in the process.

As a highly experienced award-winning newborn photographer, Xiaoyun understands the concerns and needs of parents when it comes to taking photos of their little ones. Enquire with us to find out more about our services and feel free to send in your questions. We’ll be more than happy to answer them. 


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