What To Wear At Every Stage Of Pregnancy


Pregnancy is an exciting time of rapid change in a woman’s life. Emotionally, so much happens in such a short time. For expectant mothers it can be overwhelming to go from finding out the news about the pregnancy to carrying their bundle of joy in their arms. It is a beautiful and poignant milestone that is an unforgettable experience for all women.

However, on the physical level, the transition into pregnancy may seem to be more frustrating than magical. Overnight some women might find that their clothes don’t fit anymore. As the pregnancy progresses, you might need to invest in a whole new wardrobe as your body grows and takes on its new role of making a whole new human being.

Rather than despairing over this, many women now embrace maternity clothes and even have pregnancy photoshoots to memorialise this special phase of life. To show you that you don’t have to sacrifice style for comfort, and to give you a few extra options when shopping, here’s a guide on what to wear at every stage of pregnancy.


1. First Trimester

The first trimester is the initial stage of pregnancy, and your body may not show much difference in size or shape. However, you may experience some discomfort in certain parts of your body. At this point, you can still wear your regular clothes but ensure that you don’t wear anything too tight or uncomfortable. As a rule of thumb, loose-fitting and breathable clothing are best.


Second Trimester-pregnancy photoshoot


2. Second Trimester

Your baby bump will likely begin to show during the second trimester. If you haven’t already, this is the time to begin investing in comfortable maternity wear that offers support and comfort to your growing belly.

Maternity jeans paired with longer tops are usually comfortable and versatile, while stretchy leggings also work well as casual wear. Dresses add variety to your wardrobe and you may consider choosing one for your pregnancy photoshoot. Maxi dresses and empire-waisted dresses are classic options for pregnant women, and tops which accentuate your belly and give it room to grow are also essential at this stage.

Don’t forget the bras! As your bust grows, you will need more comfortable and supportive bras that can accommodate these changes. A maternity bra that offers better support and comes with adjustable straps is often recommended.

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Third Trimester-pregnancy photoshoot


3. Third Trimester

For some women, the third trimester brings the most change. It is the final stage of pregnancy and your body is now getting ready for the birth. Most women find that their cute baby bump has become more prominent and may limit their clothing choices.

Ideally, you might want to keep things simple when it comes to picking out maternity clothes in the third trimester. Maternity dresses are your best friend for the stylish comfort they offer, but don’t shy away from bolder choices like tank tops. 

If you decide to schedule a photoshoot at this time, then it can be useful to speak to your maternity photographer for outfit ideas. They have experience with maternity fashion and may be able to recommend a number of different clothes to suit your needs.

At this point, we encourage women to embrace their changing bodies and focus on the miraculous process they are going through. Prioritise your comfort and don’t be afraid to shop for exclusive maternity outfits. Take the time to pick out something that both looks and feels good. Tight clothes can also lead to health issues, so try and avoid them if possible.

Additional Tips

When choosing maternity clothes at any stage, keep in mind that there are many retail options available. Take into account your budget, personal style, and wardrobe and lifestyle needs, when buying your clothes. With so many departmental stores having dedicated maternity sections, you might find that you are spoilt for choice.

Sourcing the right clothes for your changing body is an important yet often overlooked aspect of pregnancy. While it can be a challenge to accept that you can no longer fit into your regular wardrobe, remember that it is simply a part of the process and most of these changes will be temporary.

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